About Me

This year I turned 30 and things just went to the left. Let me put that in context and tell you about myself. I went through my 20’s like most men go through their entire lives: commit averse. So much so that I’ve never had a relationship last past 6 months. It was entirely intentional and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. This freedom allowed me to experiment with BDSM and figure out what I want out of sex and not what I should do to please a man. It gave me confidence in myself, in and outside the bedroom.

Then 30 hit and I decided I needed to try things a little differently and try this whole relationship shenanigan and see what all the kids have been talking about. Little did I know what utter crap I’d be at it. What else can you expect from a 30-year-old novice? Before you ask, my desire for a real relationship didn’t steam from a desire for kids and a family. None of that “you’re biological clock is a ticking.” Kids are not in the cards for me. It stems from a desire to connect with someone on a deeper level, which would hopefully enhance my life and maybe even the sex.

Everything that will follow is my attempt to capture my experiences navigating this rocky terrain. All the names in this blog have been changed. I have a day job and I’d like to keep it and my mom out of here! I’m just a girl from the Northeast of the States looking for great sex and love in all the wrong places. I love to write about sex, less so about love. You’ll find me making fun of my emotions more often then not. So if smut and sarcasm are your things, you’ve come to the right place!

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