My first Sex Club

sex club pic

There are so many experiences I had with Bill that I haven’t had a chance to write. Exciting things I’d never experienced before. I look back at our relationship and am grateful for small things, opening my eyes to sexual experiences I didn’t know I was interested in.

Last summer, we took a trip for Bill’s work over a long weekend to a major East Coast city. I was excited for us to have an uninterrupted time over several days. I knew he’d have to spend part of each day working, but it still allowed us time together away from other distractions.

Before we left, he told me to pack one sexy dress that we’d be going somewhere, but he didn’t tell me where. Ever the over-packer, I brought two. A short tight black Herve Leger and a very short red dress with a deep sweetheart neckline. Our first night was rather uneventful: dinner, drinks, and a few hours of sex.

The next day I just wandered around the city, in and out of museums and coffee shops. It was a lovely late summer day, not too hot. I grabbed an early dinner and made my way back to the hotel to get ready for the evening. It was Saturday, and Bill said we were going out that night, it was time to break out one of the short dresses.

My hair was almost dry, and I stood in front of the closet in my favorite lingerie set, black and sheer with velvet trim along with black lace thigh highs, contemplating which dress to wear. I was humming some Whitney Houston song to myself and jumped slightly when I heard the door open, and Bill walked in. I turned to reprimand him but saw him just leaning against the door frame.

“I wish I could come home to this view every day,” Bill said with a grin on his face.

“Hopefully, with changes in the lingerie,” I said, walking toward him.

“Wait, just a second. I want to look at you,” he said with a deeper tone.

I stopped about 5 feet from him, next to a desk and leaned on it. Then I turned around and leaned over the desk, pretending to read a brochure I had left there. Before I could hear the door shut, I could feel him behind me; his body pressed up against mine. He grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled me closer to him and lifting my head.

“I’ve been thinking about this since I left you naked in bed this morning,” Bill said gruffly in my ear, his hand wrapping around my waist and running down my thigh.

“I have, too,” I said in a deep and sultry voice.

“I wish I could take you out just like this. I’m almost tempted to tie you to that bed and keep you here all night.” Bill turned me around and put one hand around my neck and the other around my waist, pulling me closer.

“If I weren’t so intrigued about what you have planned for this evening, I’d get the restraints and get on that bed right now,” I said, grinding my hips up against him. He pulled me closer to him, so our noses were touching, and I could feel his eyelashes brush my face.

“Trust me, it will be worth the wait,” he said and pulled me into him for a deep, long kiss. My hand snaked around his neck and into his hair, and I pulled him closer to me. Eventually, we parted, to catch our breath.

“I need to get ready, and the eternal question remains red or black dress?” I asked.

“Put one of them on so we can compare, isn’t that what you do at home?” he asked with a little smirk.

“At home, I try on eight dresses and go back to the first one,” I retorted, laughing.

I walked toward the closet and pulled out the red dress. I saw Bill walk toward the bathroom out of the corner of my eye. I slid the red dress up and reached around to zip it. I started adjusting myself and fiddling with the hem of the dress. I turned to find the mirror and began to walk toward it.

“Fuck, you look stunning,” I heard Bill say and looked up to find him the hallway.

“You sure?” I asked hesitantly, smoothing down the side of the dress. “Should I try the other one…” I started to ask.

“That is perfect. You look so sexy; there isn’t a person whose head you wouldn’t turn in that.” Bill said, walking toward me and bringing me to stand in front of the mirror. “Don’t you agree?”

I turned to take a look in the mirror. Bill was right; it was very sexy and flattering. I turned to each side to make sure. He walked up behind me and ran his hands around my waist, pulling me in to hug me from behind. His face came to rest on my right shoulder.

“It looks good; I guess I’ll stick with red. It is my power color, after all. Now you need to get ready, and I know how long that can take.” I said, sarcastically turning to kiss him on the cheek.

I hopped on the bed and decided to start answering emails and texts. In 5 minutes, Bill was standing in front of me, holding a white shirt and a blue shirt.

“The white one, you know I always love you in a crisp, white shirt,” I replied perched on the edge of the bed.

“Reminds me of our student/teacher role play,” he said, starting to put on his white shirt.

“Don’t remind me, or we really won’t leave this room, Professor,” I said, getting up from the bed to help him button his shirt. I heard him growl as I finished the last button. He leaned down and kissed me.

“You sure you don’t want to tell me where we are going?” I asked.

“And ruin the surprise?” he said, kissing my brow, “Not a chance.”

I finished getting ready and threw on a pair of black flats. In a few minutes, we were in the lobby waiting for our uber. We started to drive toward the highway and outside the city, south.

“What kind of a place are you taking me to, we’re in the middle of nowhere,” I said incredulously.

“Such skepticism? Don’t you trust me?” he said with a smart ass expression on his face.

“What are you Aladdining me?” I asked, laughing.

“Where’s the carpet when you need it. No traffic can stop its progress,” Bill replied with a chuckle.

After another 10 minutes or so, the uber slowed down in front of a nondescript warehouse on the street full of other nondescript warehouses. I was utterly perplexed as to what the heck we could be going to out here. Was it some performance art piece? Why would I need to be dressed up like this?

Bill grabbed my hand and started to walk me toward the door of this nondescript building. We walked into the building to see a seedy-looking man behind a low counter in what looked like a waiting room with a coat rack.

“Welcome, are you folks registered?” the man asked with a bit of a leer. Bill wrapped his hand around my waist, giving the man his name.

“Please hand over your cell phones, you can get them back at the end of the night,” the man said. I looked at Bill confused, but dug in my purse and handed the skeezy looking man my phone.

“Bill, what is…” I started to ask.

“Just wait a minute, you’ll figure it out, you’re so damn smart,” he said, grabbing onto my waist.

We walked through a door to the right of the counter, bad 90’s rap was playing complemented by lousy lighting. There was a makeshift bar 15 feet in front of us and through a doorway to the right some couches and a stripper pole in the middle of the dance floor.

“Are we at a sex club” I whispered in Bill’s ear.

“What gave it away? The stripper pole?” he said with a grin.

“I’m glad you didn’t tell me, or I would have been too worried.” I looked around, and besides the bartender, we were the only ones there.

“Wow, this place is packed,” I said with a sarcastic smile.

“Well, I thought coming early would give us a chance to relax and for you to get comfortable,” Bill replied, steering me toward the bar.

We chatted with the bartender for a few minutes., a larger woman with bright red hair and lots of tattoos. Bill had brought a bottle of wine with us, as apparently most sex clubs are BYOB.

The bartender offered to give us a tour. We saw that dance floor and all the couches and chairs that lined the rest of the hall. During the week, this space was rented out for corporate events. I had the amusing image of someone in a suit and tie sitting in a boring corporate lecture and looking down at the floor and finding a pair of panties and a condom. I laughed, and Bill and the bartender gave me a perplexed look.

We walked through a doorway into a room filled with beds. There were eight beds pushed together in the middle of the room, all connected. Also a glory hole in one corner of the room. The bartender told us that this is where the majority of play happened in the club, and usually, the walls were lined with people watching those on the bed.

We made our way back into the main room and sat down on a couch, Bill pulled me to sit on his lap, and we talked about our day and made comments about couples as they started to arrive. Eventually, Bill pulled me onto the dance floor as he gave a very impressive performance on the stripper pole. He was very strong, and his butt looked fantastic, swinging around that pole.

We walked over to the bar to get a refill. As we stood at the bar waiting for another glass of wine, I noticed a woman standing near one of the chairs in the other room. She was Latina, curvy with a fantastic ass. Her dress was tight and black. I didn’t point her out to Bill, but we made our way back over to the couches, sat down, and started making out. My legs were over his lap, and he slid his hand slowly up my thigh and brushed the outside of my panties as I moaned into his mouth.

We broke apart for a moment as his mouth moved down my neck and over my ear, his teeth pulling gently at my earlobe. I moaned softly in his ear and clutched at his shoulders. Every inch of my body felt electric from such a simple touch. I wanted him to take me right here and now, for once, that wouldn’t have been a problem – given where we were.

I looked up to see the Latina woman and the man with her, who I assumed was her husband, looking at us. I caught her eye and smiled and bit my lip as Bill made his way back down the other side of my neck. I think Bill noticed my distraction because I suddenly felt his mouth against my ear.

“Whatever has you so distracted, young lady?” he asked with his tongue snaking along the edge of my ear.

“I just see something I like,” I replied heated. Bill knew that my ear was my weak spot, it could literally bring me to my knees.

“Something or someone?” Bill asked, running his hand up and down my back.

“Someone,” I replied in his ear, nipping at his lobe.

“Well, maybe we should go over and have a chat?” he suggested moving his head away from my neck to look into my eyes. I was a little nervous at the prospect of talking to a woman or couple and where things would lead tonight.

I looked up to see the Latina woman and her husband standing in front of Bill and me. I was surprised, had my eye fucking worked?

“Would you mind if we joined you? You look like you are having fun,” the woman said motioning to the couch across from us,

“Of course,” said Bill squeezing me around my waist and rubbing my back.

We introduced ourselves, talked about our jobs and where we were all from. What stood out about them was the wife’s occupation, she worked for the Catholic Church, as a secretary in the local bishop’s office. There was something about the husband and wife’s dynamic I didn’t like. It was the husband, he spoke down to his wife and almost shamed her for her sexual interests. Yet it was his idea to come to the club that night, it felt odd, almost like a fetish. He was attractive, but I was much more interested in her on a physical and emotional level.

“Have you ever been to a club like this before?” Teresa, the wife, asked Bill and me.

“I have been before, in other cities, but this our first time going together and her first time,” Bill finished rubbing my shoulder.

“How do you feel? Is it what you expected?” the husband, Francisco, asked me.

“Well, I think I expected something bigger, with some more bells and whistles. This place isn’t like what I’ve seen in the movies, it’s a lot more real, Plus, nothing is going on here right now that wouldn’t be going on in a vanilla club,” I replied honestly.

“Well, that’s now, give it a little while, and things will change,” Francisco replied with a bit of a leer.

“Why wait for others, we could be trendsetters,” Bill replied, squeezing me around the waist.

“I’m not opposed to setting trends,” Teresa said.

“Would you give us a minute,” I said, standing up and grabbing Bill’s hand.

“Of course, take your time,” said Francisco.

We walked away toward the bar and out of earshot. I stopped Bill and looked him up and down.

“Are you ok?” Bill asked, putting a hand on each side of my face.

“I’m fine, but we have rules, in case you don’t remember. They don’t change because we are in a club. We need to talk to each other and agree on what we are comfortable with before we get involved with anyone,” I said exasperatedly.

“We weren’t agreeing to anything. We were just flirting,” Bill replied quickly.

“I know how your flirting goes, and I wanted to make sure we have this conversation before anything happens,” I quipped back.

“Fair enough, so what are you thinking?” Bill asked eagerly.

“I mean, we can agree that the guy is a dick, but they are both very attractive, and it’s one night. I’m into whatever they’d like to do within my limits.”

“Well ok then, why don’t we see if we can be the first people who to use those beds,” he replied, giving my ass a quick slap.

We arrived back over to where the couple was standing.

“We are going to head over to the beds and try them out, care to join us?” Bill asked Teresa and Francisco.

“Absolutely,” Francisco replied, grabbing his wife’s hand and walking with us toward the room with all the beds.

We made our way to the far edge of the room, and Bill picked me up and by the waist and lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around him, and we fell onto the bed. Bill’s hands were running up and down my body. He pulled my dress up, slide my panties to the side, and started playing with my clit. I moaned in pleasure as Bill’s finger moved in slow circles.

I felt the weight shift on the bed as Teresa and her husband joined us. I looked over to see the wife straddling her husband. She and I made eye contact, the next minute she was next to me on the bed. As soon as Bill’s lips left mine and made their way down my neck, they were replaced with the feather-light kisses of Teresa.

Her lips were light, but her tongue darted in and out of my mouth eager and ready to explore. I moved my hand from Bill’s back to move into Teresa’s hair and pulled her closer to me. Bill sensed my interest and moved to the side within a moment Teresa was on top of me.

We were like that for a few minutes, kissing and exploring each other’s bodies with our hands. I could feel Bill’s gaze on me, but I was not sure exactly where he was. Teresa moved her body lower so that her head was by my thighs. She pulled my panties off and tossed them over her shoulder. I looked up to see Bill, watching me stroking himself. Francisco was doing the same, my mind quickly registered a few other men lurking around the room, just as Teresa’s tongue slowly licked my clit. My eyes closed, and my back arched as a gasp escaped my lips.

Teresa’s tongue was amazing. She changed her technique and tempo between quick and slow varying amounts of pressure. My hands grasped at the bed, my moans crescendoing as my first orgasm of the night washed over me. I opened my eyes as I felt Bill’s lips on my ear.

“Did she make you cum, baby?” he asked me stroking my hair.

“Yes,” I replied breathlessly.

“Good, because it’s daddy’s turn now,” Bill responded. He moved away from my ear to kneel above me on the bed. As soon as I could reach him, I took every inch of his cock in my mouth. Teresa, after a moment or two of pause, slid one finger inside me and started to play with my clit again with her tongue. I moaned, but could hardly be heard with Bill’s cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

I felt a weight on the bed and saw another couple had joined us. The couple was lying horizontal to us just above me. The couple looked middle-aged and in varying states of undress. After a few minutes of this, Bill pulled his cock out of my mouth.

“I need to be inside you,” he said gruffly.

As if on cue, Teresa moved out from between my legs and was quickly replaced by Bill and his cock slamming into me in one quick thrust. Teresa moved to the side of me, her mouth making its way to my breast to take one nipple into her mouth. I heard her gasp, and when I looked up, I could see her husband fucking her from behind.

It felt like only a moment that I had become accustomed to this when the woman from the couple above me leaned over me.

“May I?” she asked, generally gesturing toward me.

I nodded, and she started to kiss me. It was an overwhelming sensation. To be kissed by one woman, while another played with my breasts, all while being fucked by a man. I focused on everything and nothing all at once. After a few moments, I heard Francisco say:

“Can I fuck her?”

“As long as you use a condom.” I heard Bill reply and then felt him move.
In a moment, another man was fucking me, and a women’s hand was on my clit. The woman from the third couple moved away from above me and was replaced an instant with her husband’s cock sliding into my mouth. It was as if everyone had a playbooknn they were following, when to move an where. I found myself being pulled from one side of the bed to the other, either by the legs or the arms. Everyone moment brought a new sensation, someone else’s mouth, someone else’s cock. The sensations varied in intensity, but I always knew when Bill was with me, even if I couldn’t see him through the tangle of bodies.

After what felt like four or five hours, things slowed down. The couple whose name I never got left and Bill said we should get going soon as he had to work tomorrow.

“Well, we can’t leave until you find my clothes and lingerie,” I said, lying back down on the bed. At that moment, I was in nothing except my black thigh highs.

I finally had a moment to take in the room. There were dozens and dozens of people along the walls, all looking at us on the bed. At least 40 people were watching us, even as we had just finished. I was surprised, and more then a little turned on, to think that so many people had been watching all of us.

Teresa was on the other side of the bed, telling her husband that he had to find her panties or she couldn’t leave. She looked up at me and crawled over toward me.

“As long as we are waiting for the men to get their act together…” she stopped and started kissing me. The men had been chatting, and after a few seconds of my and Teresa kissing all that ended. I knew that if I looked up, I would see both men at the foot of the bed just watching us. It was like I could feel a hole burning threw the back of my head, and I knew Bill’s gaze was on me.

Teresa’s mouth left mine and moved down my neck as her hand moved between my legs and started playing with my clit. I let out a loud moan, I could hear Bill growl in response.

“Don’t get any ideas, Mr, you need to find my clothes so we can leave,” I gasped at the end of my sentence as Teresa bite my neck lightly.

I had one more orgasm just as Bill found my bra. We got dressed, said our goodbyes, and got in an Uber. Bill and I found our way back into bed later that night, and he couldn’t wait to take me again, just the two of us.


Up to No Good 😉

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