Almost a year…

I’ve had this blog for almost a year. Almost a year of trying to sort through my complex and dysfunctional romantic life and failing miserably. The point of this blog, for me, was to sort through my feelings and put things into perspective. I haven’t kept up, time and heartbreak have kept me away. I still have so many stories to share, so, so, so many stories!

I could tell you the sad story of how I finally ended things with Bill a few months ago, to the surprise of literally no one. I could go on about the debilitating heartbreak, the self-doubt, the feeling that I’ll never love or be loved again (a feeling which still lingers). Why? What purpose would it serve? It may be cathartic, and I may do it in the future. I think it will be necessary to document for my sanity because it’s a wacky and dramatic story.

I’d rather recount some fun and sexy stories, regardless of who they involve for now. Sort through my feelings for some new people and figure out what a future could be.

I can’t say new year, new me. One, because that’s a basic bitch phrase and mama didn’t raise a basic bitch. Secondly, because it’s halfway through the bloody year, the sentiment is a bit late.

So let’s share some stories. I’ll introduce you to the Irish lawyer, the American lawyer, the smooth doctor (think I have a type). I still have some very entertaining stories to tell that involves Bill, but maybe I’ll leave those for now.

Maybe I’ll throw up a poll on Twitter to decide what story to post first. In the meantime…

I solemnly swear I’m up to no good 😉

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