The Top

Readers, you’re in for a treat! This isn’t your beloved Up to No Good here to tell you about another escapade with Bill, instead she’s handed over the reigns for a guest blog post by me, R. I’m excited to tell you all about my first dive back into dating after leaving a long-term relationship. And, I’m even more excited to be the bring the first lesbian experience to this blog. So without further ado… enjoy 😉

I had just told my friends that I was newly single, and they all immediately suggested I look for a rebound. My sex life had been pretty dull in my relationship, and I really just needed a good fuck.

After being “peer-pressured” to re-join Tinder after an almost three year hiatus, I immediately matched with a woman that could’ve been relationship material if I wanted that. She had gorgeous blue eyes, was tall and slender, and had the tomboyish style that I always swooned for, including the short, messy hairstyle. I messaged her the next day, but she was too perfect and turns out that she was looking for something more long lasting than the “casual fun” I suggested in my Tinder bio.

Lucky for me, I had just matched with a near identical woman but much more my speed and a few years older. Kristina’s bio stated that she was recently out of a relationship (great, me too) and not looking for anything specific (same). I messaged her immediately after the first girl and we had a date set for that weekend.

I’m going to fast forward this first date, but I will tell that it was nearly perfect in a way that only two people recently single could make it. In other words, awkward as fuck but enjoyable nonetheless. I learned that Kristina will talk a lot about being nearly 30 and that she is recently divorced after returning from the Peace Corp which she joined with her ex-partner. Complicated. But I can’t judge seeing that I’m still living with my ex-girlfriend.

For the second date, I decided to meet her on her side of the River. We were supposed to go for a walk by the river, but instead ended up at a restaurant enjoying pizza and beers. Very gay. As we walked back to her car to head to her place for a movie night, I studied her. Kristina is tall (close to 6 feet) and very slender, has a slightly grown out buzz cut, and blue eyes. Her facial features are very feminine which is in contrast to her masculine haircut, men’s flannel shirt, loose blue jeans, and dark green converse. She looks like the stereotypical lesbian my mom was always afraid I’d grow up to become.

To describe myself, I’m about 5 foot 7, dark brown eyes and dark brown hair that’s usually straightened and hits past my shoulders, a medium-deep skin tone (thanks to a mix of Brazilian and Indian heritage), and slender but with an hourglass shape. And I’m very femme, well my queer friends would say “hard femme” which means I like my floral dresses with my leather jackets and high heeled boots.

We make it to her place and settle into her bed for the movie, new beers in hand. She asks if I’d like to smoke, and since I’m nervous because I haven’t slept with anyone new in two years and I definitely plan to sleep with her tonight, I answer “yes”.

By the end of the movie, we’re both significantly buzzed and have slowly been leaning closer to each other. Our shoulders are now touching, and she turns to me. We make eye contact, she leans down and our lips make contact. It starts slow, but the kissing becomes heavier and suddenly she’s on top of me asking if she can take my top off. I smile and nod yes.

Now, I should tell you that when it comes to hookups or with people I’ve dated, as far back as college, I’ve always ended up with girls who are “switches” or bottoms. For those of you not familiar with queer lingo, a “switch” is a person who is comfortable being both dominant or submissive depending on the other person or situation. A bottom is someone more comfortable being submissive, and a top is someone usually more dominant.

So, I’ve never really been with someone more dominant than me. And, the relationship I was recently out of had ended on my end mostly because I was bored. Bored of the sex, among other things. Our sex life was very vanilla, and she usually lasted only a few minutes. Also, we had sex maybe twice a year. Let me say that again: twice. a. year.

Back to Kristina. Immediately after my top is off, the mood shifts and I’m quickly pinned to the bed with Kristina leaning over me and her leg between my legs grinding into my center. It becomes aggressive quickly and I can’t help but moan and throw my head back into the pillow. She asks if the position I’m in is comfortable, and I say yes, but she still pulls me by the waist further down on the bed into what she thinks will be a more comfortable position. And, she’s right.

Under my crop top I’m wearing a blue strappy and laced push-up bra. I look up to see her staring down at me hungrily and I feel the wetness pool at my center. I wrap my hand around the back of her neck and pull her lips back down to mine. Our tongues are fighting for dominance as her hand reaches down to unbutton my high-waisted jean shorts. She moves away to pull them down, revealing my favorite teal strappy panties.

Then she’s back on top of me within seconds, grinding her leg between me stopping only when I sit up to remove her flannel and undershirt. She’s wearing a black and white Calvin Klein sports bra. Of course. She pushes me back down and slides off my underwear. My eyes are closed so I’m happily surprised to immediately feel her lips on my wetness. A finger pumping in and out of me aggressively. I moan loudly, and then look down to see her staring up at me. I come immediately.

She kisses her way up my torso after a minute and then I’m kissing her now-soaked lips. I flip us over, straddling her and then tugging her jeans off to reveal, of course, a black and white Calvin Klein thong. I spread her legs and start kissing the inside of her thighs. I make my way to pull off her underwear but she stops me. The next words out of her mouth are a lesbian hookup nightmare, “I’m on my period.” Fuck.

I immediately ask if she’s wearing a tampon, she nods. I breathe a sigh of relief, and pull off her underwear. She won’t let me eat her out, and I can’t finger her, but I can still make her come. My fingers find her clit and I begin massaging. She fists the sheet at her sides. I love the way women look when they’re in the throes of sexual satisfaction. The way her back arches, hands grabbing at anything to hold onto, neck back, and lips in a wide “O”. It’s the most beautiful scene.

I crawl back up her body and rest my leg between hers. Then I start grinding into her. She immediately takes control and is grinding her core onto my leg. I push back into her with just enough pressure to help send her over the edge.

I kiss her and feel her fingers sliding down my body. She slides them back up and unhooks my bra. I’m sitting up and she looks up at me, “Can I fuck you again?” Of fucking course you can. “How do you want it?” I take this bit of control and tell her to position her fingers under me, above her center as I straddle her. Then I sink down onto her fingers. I start riding them, but she grabs my waist with her free hand and starts pumping into me at a feverish pace with her other hand, her fingers hitting my spot and her thumb hitting my clit. I immediately lose all control. I’m failing to hold myself up and lean down, and she takes this opportunity to take a mouthful of my right breast. I’m pretty sure I’m seeing stars at this point.

She does not slow down, but has found a good rhythm. And she continues to push me up and down with her right arm at my waist and pump in and out with her left hand. I love myself an ambidextrous lesbian. I’m at the point where I feel like I’m going to collapse and she feels it too, so she pushes harder on my clit and I tumble into a second orgasm.

The night continues like this, me allowing her to assume all control even when I’m getting her off. And it’s the hottest thing I didn’t know I needed.


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