Afternoon Delight

First of all, let me apologize for how long its been since I’ve written. Life has really taken over. Even though I have enough content to write a new post every day for the next 5 years, I just can’t seem to find the time to sit down and give the next post the time and energy it deserves, especially since each one turns into a mini-novella.

This one will actually be short, and it’s about everyone’s favorite… Bill.

The context for this little quickie: for the last month or so, I’ve essentially lived with Bill when he was in town. I would return to my place at some points during the week, but for the most part, I took advantage of the time he was here to stay in his moderately bougie accommodations. What is more, last week I started a contract job at the office Bill consults for. So (for all intents and purposes), for a week at a time we were living together, working together, and fucking together. Two of the three went well – but it was not drama free, our time never is.

Our apartment last week was right across the street from the office, which (as one can imagine) was incredibly convenient. During my lunch breaks, I could go home and nap, fix my makeup, watch TV, and eat in my own space – pretty great.

Of course, if y’all know me (and some of you do) I tend to have other things on my mind besides lunch.

I cannot describe to you how distracting it is to have the man who just fucked you that morning breeze by your desk or casually say hello in the hallway. Granted, I did not make life easy for him, either; he heads the IT team in the office, so it was easy to find any excuse to go by his desk or for him to come to mine.

On Tuesday afternoon I had on a very lacey bra that looked like a tank top underneath my conservative button up, but since Bill had seen me get dressed in the morning he knew I was actually wearing something sexy instead of a boring old thing under my work shirt. I went by his desk to ask an actual question, but made sure I ran my hands along the collar of my shirt and along my neckline. I came back to my desk and had a text from him: “Keep your hands by your sides next time you come by my cubicle, woman.”

Despite working in the same office, our lunch breaks never lined up which I found super frustrating – I wanted to see him, and I had very naughty ideas to act out. On Thursday, however, we were luckily home together for about twenty minutes. After Bill ate a sandwich, that left us with between fifteen and ten. I’ll never stop being impressed with how quickly men eat.

I had been texting him all morning about how horny I was and how I couldn’t stop thinking about how incredibly well he’d fucked me that morning. Our morning sex was always phenomenal, but that morning had been a bit more primal than many others. I remembered one moment when he was on top of me and had both my legs on his shoulders, and his mouth was in my ear telling me to cum for him now, that he needed to feel me dripping on him. I came in an instant. I later had a sex flashback of that exact moment when my new supervisor was explaining a something rather dull and technical to me.

Needless to say, after half a particularly mundane day at work, I was horny as fuck. I came and sat next to him on the couch. I started kissing him and then quickly straddled him in my very fitted work dress, leaving him no time to protest. I was grinding myself against him, feeling him start to get hard beneath me as I continued to kiss him. His hands ran up my back and along my neck, but never attempted to pull my dress up any higher.

I grew frustrated after two minutes of teasing and started to unbuckle his belt. Then I pulled away from his mouth.

“Unbutton those, you know I’m no good at it” I said, with laser focus.

“I don’t know why, you’ve taken enough men’s slacks off” he said with a grin.

“They’re pants old man, and shut up,” I said returning my mouth to his and my hand to his cock.

I love handjobs and think they are kind of underrated, then again I really like getting fingered. Side note: can we come up with a better term for it then “fingered?” It’s just not a delightful term, I’m going to rebrand it! Anyway, I think both of these activities are a bit of a tease, but if done well and with someone you are into they can lead to orgasm. So I gave Bill one of my usual handjobs, which consists of changing pressure and speed and lots of kissing. Bill has told me repeatedly that when he finally cums (something that can take forever) with me it’s usually when we are kissing, but it’s always while we are having sex.

After a few minutes of this, I looked down at my watch and realized I needed to leave in 6 or 7 minutes. I needed to stop these shenanigans in 5 so I had enough time to fix my face before heading back to the office.

“I have to leave in five minutes,” I said to Bill in a rather depressed voice.

“What are you going to do with me for five minutes?” he asked flicking a finger of his which was still inside me.

“What should I do, daddy?” I asked leaning over into his ear, licking his earlobe.

“I think you should ride this cock, baby,” he said staring back at me intently with a glimmer of mischief.

“Let me set a timer before I get too distracted,” I said, knowing that if I didn’t, I’d ride that cock for the next forty-five minutes without a thought.

“Siri,” I said into my apple watch, “set a timer for five minutes”.

“You’d better hurry up,” Bill said, removing his pants and underwear, “Your parents are going to be back in five minutes”.

The night before we had done a roleplay where he had been my dad’s friend/sexy neighbor who I’d had a crush on since I was young. I could tell he had not had enough, because he slipped back into the act seamlessly.

“Oooo no, so soon? I hope they don’t find us Mr. Richards. We will have to be really quick.” I said moving back toward him.

He pulled up my dress and pulled off my panties. I stepped out of them and was straddling him in an instant. He slid inside me so easily as I was already so wet. I bounced up and down on his cock for what felt like no time at all before I felt my first orgasm wash over me.

I was just starting to catch my breath when Bill began to thrust into me; I kept my legs in place on either side of him and let him thrust up into me while I regained control of my limbs from my orgasm. In a few moments, I was meeting his thrusts grinding into his cock. I could feel his mouth on my neck, his hands on my breasts all while I bounced up and down on him.

He growled as my second orgasm began to build and pulled me down for a kiss. Our mouths were hungry for each other and I was moaning into his mouth, mostly from the fucking but also from kissing. My second orgasm took a hold of me and I came hard. I pulled away from him and moved my mouth to his neck so I could get some air. I could feel my legs shaking and as I started to come down from my second orgasm. I nipped at his ear and he bucked his hips and growled loudly.

Just then my watch began to buzz. Fuck, five minutes. It had been five minutes and I’d had two orgasms. That seemed insane, but given how many I had in a night maybe it’s normal.

“You’d better go before your parents show up,” Bill said smacking my ass and giving me a smile.

I agreed, put my panties back on and some lipstick and as almost about to walk out the door when curiosity killed the cat.

“Is that normal for me? Two orgasms in five minutes, because that seems utterly insane.” I asked coming back over to the couch.

“First of all, you are an utterly insane woman in bed, in the best possible way. I don’t think there are many women like you, period. Secondly, that seems pretty normal for you once we’ve been having sex for a while, I’d say I’ve seen you have one a minute a few times, but under the right circumstances. Though it usually takes you longer to warm up, guess you weren’t lying about being horny.”

“Me, lie? I’d only do that if I want to get punished, and I never like to be punished” I said with a quick wink.

“See now I’m going to have to punish you,” he said and slapped my ass, hard.

“That’s something for you to think about until tonight, now get back to work young lady. Love you.”


Up to No Good 😉

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