When shower sex goes awry

I intended on having some long, emotional post to write as I thought Bill and I were going to have “the talk” last night. Since we haven’t seen each other in such a long time, the talk flew out the window. It was mentioned that’d we needed to chat but tabled for another night. It can’t help that I showed up to his place wearing a tiny t-shirt that said “Yes, daddy?” and sucking on a lollipop – last minutes stroke of genius on my part.

Yes, daddy

Side note, I’ve never received so many looks as I have from this t-shirt. Women gave me the dirtiest looks imaginable, dirtiest I think I’ve ever recieved. Men, well I’m used to being checked out, not by every male but by enough. These looks were a whole different level. I had eight catcalls or comments made at me in a 30 min period of walking on the streets. I only wore it because I call Bill “Daddy,” it started off as a joke and it metamorphized into a sex thing (that I fought for a long time). I bought the shirt with him in mind, and so I had to wear it with him.

Instead of the talk, we drank, and drank, then drank a little more. Something you should know about me, I am the biggest lightweight. One drink is enough to have me very buzzed, and at two I’m modestly drunk and pliable. I think I had 5 or 6 drinks last night. Combination of wine, whiskey, Manhattan and some strange shot.

Once we got back to Bill’s he took me in his bedroom and started taking off my clothes, I was a pretty big fan of where this was going. Then he bent me over the bed and started spanking me with his belt, just three or four hits, but I remember crying out as they increased in intensity. At this point still a pretty big fan of the night’s progression. Then he told me to get up and follow him, which I did. We went into the bathroom, and he ran the shower. The week before I said to him I had, surprisingly, never had shower sex. This was our moment to rectify that travesty.

I remember getting in the shower. Foreplay in the shower, wet, steamy kisses, hands that slide everywhere. I do not remember the actual sex. Bill does. Not remembering the sex is almost as disappointing to me as what resulted from the sex, my waking up this morning with a black eye (which I’m icing even as I write this).

black eye

From what Bill told me he had me pressed up against the wall of the shower, facing the wall. It’s an all stone shower, and he was fucking me from behind. He thinks that at some point he must have pushed my face into the stone, something he will usually do when he’s fucking me from behind and we are in bed. It must have just hit in a way to have caught my eye. I said to him right before we had sex this morning that my eye hurt, but it wasn’t until after we finished that we went out into the light and properly looked. We had to play Sherlock Holmes a bit and retrace our steps to put this all together.

Ultimately my first foray into shower sex was not a success, well I’m sure I had a least one orgasm, but even that isn’t much of a success for me. Lord knows it has nowhere to go but up from here!

Up to No Good 😉

One Comment

  1. Eric

    That really looks painful, but can’t say I blame him for wanting you. Goodness that outfit you wore was so enticing, hugging perfect curves. Wow. Yeah Im gonna need a cold shower


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